One Tough Ombré

I always went through life collecting the things.

At 7, it was tins of sparkly gems (think Sailor Moon). At 15, it was iridescent and furry. At 20, it was geode and crystals. Now I collect everything that’s c o o l  & i n t e r e s t i n g.

My collection is now spanned through my apartment and I can confidently say I love every piece in my home.

Since moving into my first apartment I grew my love for decorating and built appreciation of the “Old” and “new”. Just starting on my own and a small budget to work with, I scoured flea markets, estate sales and vintage stores to furnish my apartment.

I was intrigued by flea markets and finding “the” piece in the rough.  And then telling the new story.

I found out I had an eye for design and quality and I want to grow this passion into a life.