The More The Merrier

You can tell quite the long story with a little collaboration. One of my favorite books as a kid was I Spy and I think (for better or worse) it has influenced my interior design sense. One photographer's mess was another kid's treasure hunt. A never ending visual adventure always leaving you wondering if you'd seen it all. There's something personal about bundling together your favorite pieces as if your'e presenting a little glimpse of you. It's a small light into your personal character. It's a statement piece(s). It's something to just, well, look at. Maybe it dates back to my I Spy roots but I find a lot of enjoyment putting together personal "still life" pieces throughout our house.  Combining decor brings new light to objects that might get lost on their own, yet it also loses each individual piece by creating a much larger picture. Some might call it cluttered but I call it cool.